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Dear America… (VE exclusive)


Dear America,

You know all the love I have for you. Now I must say that you have been able to baffle me lately.
With the last presidential run, you America, made history. It’d have been historical in a way or another. If Hillary Clinton was elected, she’d have been the 1st woman to be president of the USA and, with her husband, they’d have been the 1st couple to have each ever have been president of the USA. If Donald Trump was elected, it’d be the 1st time a visionless opportunist would win, on a campaign based on lies and hate.A non-self-made-man pretending to be a successful business man, who’s vanity has him put his name on anything he can acquire… a man driven by greed, desperate need of power and an unstoppable desire to make history, lacking the intelligence of respect and serving credulous people exactly what they want to hear, just to please. That very last point may be the only commun point he shares with real politicians.

You know what happened. The fact that popular vote elected the woman with 153,000 voices/votes ahead of the republican, and that yet the president elect happens to be Trump is beyond acceptable. You’d think the popular vote would be reflected in the votes of the “great voters”, wouldn’t you? I mean, if you are supposed to BE people’s voice, then the result should be the same. And… NO! Maybe the presidential election should be of a more direct democratic expression -> without “great electors” on the way of people’s voice…

So Trump got elected… The guy who’s forefathers changed their lastname from Drumpf to Trump (when the very same guy points that some people should  be proud of their lastnames – wouahahahahaaaa), the guy who changes his mind like others light up a new cigarette, the dude who treats women like some be-pretty-let-me-take-your-pussy-and-shut-up, the guy who spent his campaign spitting on people instead of offering a program, the paranoid who accuses media to be the source of evil against him (hey dude, people do have the freedom to go in the streets and protest, without any media to suggest they should do it), the narcissistic megalomaniac with the most awful decoration taste (too much gold is only good if you want to regularly throw up), THAT guy got elected.

This guy, with no diplomatic skill whatsoever, either lies shamelessly, or has serious brain problems and should urgently be addressed to a neurologist. How can one say that Barack Obama founded that terrorist group which is attacking the world? How dare you? How can you, unscrupulously, say that you’d hire a prosecutor to exclusively investigate on your opponent and put her in jail? Isn’t this wasting federal money and energy? What? You’d have paid with your own money? Ooooooh, then you think you can buy anything. Megalomaniac? Absolutely! Never before have we seen a grown-up man acting like a spoiled brat full of hate in a presidential run, never. When there is no argument to oppose to someone, you attack the person. And that’s what he did. Exclusively. And he brought up the worse in people, using their fears and ignorance, questioning numbers in a paranoid way instead of investigating on these and prove them wrong (that would have been smart and straight to the point)… So America, all my condolences, especially to all of you who did not vote for “him”. Your great electors have allowed the  money-power-drunken’dude to get high with a position-power-new-drug AND the nuclear toy. Awesome! And he just did his 1st HUGE mistake, by allowing a councellor in the house, who loves conspiracy theories and who has been (still is?) member of the outrageous KKK. HOW CAN THIS BE????? Pence is not much better. America, your kids’ education is in jeopardy. The freedom of your journalists is endangered. The steps forward made for LGBT and women will be lost. Your freedom is staggering…

Trump’s paranoia vs media “all corrupt” should make you wonder what he’s gonna do about this next… Control them? Gag them? That’s how things start… attack freedom of speech, the right to tell the truth. He’s looking up (and talking up) at Putine and the Kim Jong family… how come didn’t this ring the alarm bell? How can you trust a man who acts like a manic-depressive who doesn’t take his drugs? What tells you he’s not going to be willing to change the constitution so he and his descendants can stay in place as long as possible? It may not be easy, now is it impossible?

America, again, I’ve always loved you, and I am really concerned about your future… Are you ready for what’s coming up next? Either DT gets a kick-ass entourage (doesn’t seem to be going that way) to run the country, or you’ll be in for: stronger economical crisis, increasing death rate due to lack of access to healthcare, new secession war and… new world war. Awesome. There’d probably have been a war with HC as well, to be honest. Now my wish is for me to be wrong. I hope none of this will happen. It’s scary to see that history sadly seems to be some sort of eternal repetition… you are in the situation Europe was in the late 20’s early 30’s, when a guy named Adolf got elected… and the world’s watching in disbelief, hoping the inevitable will not happen…

Don’t think we’re blind or don’t look at our own situations. We have our super morons too, now none is at this upper-world-class level…

Dear America, I’ll still love you and your people… FIGHT for what’s right!
Much love,

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