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They parlent French ! (EN & FR)

(text in English_hyperlinks in French – get some practice!)

Yes, they do!

These ones mainly speak English, as it is for most of them their native language (excepted for Diane Kruger who’s German). However, they also speak French! And what a delight it is to hear them… ow yes, it is super hot… and learning how to speak French is easier than to learn how to write it.

Some try unsuccessfully – poor Joey – which gives me the opportunity to tell you that Lisa Kudrow speaks French. Joey learns to speak French

Let me tell you this, hearing a non-native speaking French is a real marvel. It’s sexy, cute, teasing, whatever you want to call it… and if you keep your accent, that’s even hotter. This is true of any non-native speaker, now given this blog, I must say that obviously, when an English-speaking one starts speaking French, it’s really tough to resist. I’ll skip politicians and athletes from the list below, and please remember that this list is not exhaustive, ok? There are a lot of names to add.

There are some people who have some little notions of how French should be pronounced, without really speaking it, like Ellen De Generes when she talks about her book and its French translation (still super cute to hear). But get started with a soft disney Demi Lovato (and Cie) moment.

For those you may have missed the info, the singer Mika is just as fluent as a French native speaker and has pretty much no accent! Incredible… Just like Jodie Foster… or Charlotte Rampling, Diane Kruger, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Emma Thompson, Jane Fonda.
Fancy a little accent in your French? Listen to Bradley Cooper (super fluent in French, a great moment despite the little capacity of the woman asking the questions to engage into a real conversation) Jeremy Irons, Oliver Stone, Hugh Laurie (and Hugh Laurie reading some funny thing in French), Josef Gordon-Levitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Raver, John Malkovich, Evangeline Lilly, Leighton Meester, Johnny Depp, Emma Watson, Tom Hiddleston, Sandra Oh etc.

These are unfortunately no longer with us but some tracks were available: Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando, and obviously Julia Child must have spoken French.

Angelina Jolie confesses not to really speak French even if she understands some of it, Madonna knows a little of it. It seems Claire Danes also went to the Lycée Français of Los Angeles, so she must speak French. For sure, her husband Hugh Dancy does. Natalie Portman speaks a little French now there’s not much available online, same for Tom Hardy.

So… is this comforting you a bit in your choice to learn a bit of French? 🙂


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