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And suddenly the world spoke French (EN exclusive)

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November 14th and 16th, 2015

New York, Sydney, Paris, Montréal, Toronto, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro and so many other citiesThousands of people gathered in support to the victims of the attacks in Paris, which occurred on November 13th, 2015.  They all sung together the french national anthem La marseillaise. The echo of their voices that rose as one worldwide to sing their refusal of terrorism and violence still gives me goose bumps and emotions are running to my eyes. Many messages were also sent in french by non-native speakers. This was unexpected and really warming hearts.

On that Friday, last Friday, terrorists killed way too many people who were simply enjoying their evening in good company and in a nice low-key atmosphere. These barbarians have decided to take lives, as many as possible. They decided to punish civilians for choices made by a government – or so they pretend. They seem to believe their way of seeing things is the right way. Taking this path, leisures and freedom of speech are forbidden and women are devilish (their incapacity as men to control their own primary instinct is not even considered, non, women are better covered up from head to toe). Of course, political interferences worldwide should be questionned, especially if the reasons behind interventions are more commercial than willing for democracy to have a chance. But is this the real reason that initiated the attacks?

See, I’ve always been interested in geopolitics but never gave it time. Am no economist either. Am only a human being. A human being who doesn’t have too much faith in mankind. Honestly, have you ever seen a species being that able to self-destruct, and at such a high pace? No meteorite needs to hit our Earth, Man will have ruined it – and humanity – before. Now here’s where things are now better. After the attacks of November 13th in Paris, not only has the world gathered against hatred, but solidarity at a very practical level took place.
A head of emergency service in a big parisian hospital declared that physicians he never saw before (because they don’t work in this hospital) showed up with their professional ID and offered their help. Nurses came back even if they had ended their shifts only some hours before. People lined up for hours to give their blood. And there are so many people out there who acted bravely and saved lives, or at least tried to. This wave of solidarity gave me some hope again. Everything is not totally lost in this world…

If some international news channel still had outrageous liners on their Breaking News specials (hey people, do you even remember what journalism is all about), thankfully most of the journalists and tv channels were… as resonable as can be.

And yes, the world has spoken french. It SUNG french. Singing, this thing terrorists abhor. This century old anthem is such of a battle song. I had never really liked it because of its being way too warlike and even thought  that it should be updated or that we could use a new one, more turned into peace than fights. Well, this anthem was suddenly making sense again… sadly.

Let’s work together to heal this world of its hate, its violence and for peace to settle down quickly.

Here’s my personal message to barbarians…

You can try and you can think,that your hate will make us fall,
yet we’ll dance and we’ll sing,
standing straight up in the wind,
facing your cowardice-made wall,
we’ll write peace with indelible ink.


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