Xcuse my Frenglish

Petit webzine bilingue (ou presque)


Welcome to “Excuse my frenglish”

This little gazette aims to be a sharing platform, in English and/or in French (come on, you need some challenges too, don’t you?).

I’d love to invite you to discover with me: places, those to visit; talented and passionate people I hope to meet for you; events to attend; a certain point of view on films, books, music and some writings, born of my imagination or based on real life experiences.

My wish is for this blog to not only open doors on discoveries to make, but to also help me and others improve in English. I may be fluent in Shakespeare’s language (3.0 cause the original is tough!), now I do not have a literary knowledge of this great language. Therefore am I expressing myself to the best of my current abilities. There are hundreds of other ways to express things in more accurate ways. Feel free to “update” me in the comments field, would you? For the posts that will be available in English AND in French, don’t expect a for-the-word translation, as it may not be consistent with the tone or the content addressed. Thanks!

So… Welcome on board, are you ready for the takeoff?

Side note: You’ll notice a predominance of American English over British English in my posts, not only to challenge you a little, but mainly because am mainly using the 1st


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